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Some are just looking for employees, we are looking for people.

If you are looking for a job in tourism, then you have come to the right place! Whether you are a specialist or new to tourism - you are very welcome here! All vacancies and important information about working at Schwärzler Hotels & Restaurants can be found on this job portal.


Working in the Schwärzler Hotels & Restaurants

Service employee Hotel Schwärzler
Housekeeping staff, Schwärzler Hotels

Be part of a strong community.

Working together in a spirit of trust has always been extremely important to us. With the initiative "New Work @ Schwaerzler", Schwärzler Hotels and Restaurants have committed themselves to continuously follow the path towards becoming an even bolder employer. Our joint journey towards New Work thrives on mutual support and an exchange at eye level.

We listen to your concerns and are curious about your design ideas.

Social coexistence, diversity and equality, that's what we stand for.

Our team is as diverse as our guests. We welcome diversity in terms of ethical origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, religion, worldview, social background and age. We live this basic attitude wholeheartedly every day.

Work-life balance is as important to us as it is to you.

With us, work goes hand in hand with a good work-life balance. As a particularly family-friendly company, we offer you a wide range of opportunities to combine your work with your private life. Accurate hourly records, flexible working hours, binding vacation plans and the creation of duty rosters with enough lead time are the cornerstones of this.

Benefits for you

In addition to a positive, trusting work environment, you will benefit from many other advantages:

Vital breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by our kitchen team at no extra cost.

Free drinks (coffee, tea, water, various juices) to keep you hydrated.

Regular events to strengthen the team or on healthy eating, exercise and relaxation.

Various work schedules such as part-time, year-round, seasonal, early morning or late night, hourly, apprenticeship or internship positions.

Numerous discounts, 2 and 1 benefits and free adventure programs via the Vorarlberg STARCARD.

Discounted travel worldwide through PepXpress.

Growing together

We offer our team members a wide range of opportunities for further training and promotion through targeted coaching sessions, internal and external seminars, new areas of responsibility and job rotations. Junior staff receive qualified and varied training from dedicated experts.

Taking responsibility. For yourself and for others.

For many years, we have been deeply committed to climate protection, biodiversity, regionalism, resource conservation, and social cohesion. We prioritize proactive CO₂ avoidance and reduction and pledge transparency in all our sustainability efforts. The annual greenhouse gas inventory conducted by turn to zero enables us to learn and improve.

In addition to climate protection measures within our own sphere of influence, we support national and international climate protection projects.

Furthermore, as members of the sustainability associations "Moll, des goht" and "TUN. Green Deal Vorarlberg" in our region, we actively promote climate and environmental protection.